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Some nice words from valued customers
We just installed the panels and they look great!.....Thanks for making a good, affordable product and for being so prompt! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Teresa. K, HR Textron, Pacoima, CA

"Your panels have worked great for our company"

Thomas Wal, Medical Account Services, Frederick, MD

We purchased one panel for use to partially separate our two sales people. I ordered the panel on a Saturday and we had it in just a couple of days. We experienced excellent service and speedy turnaround.

Kathryn Dunn K Dunn & Associates, Performance-Based Marketing, Eugene, OR

We are very pleased with our purchase of panels. We used them to create two semi-private offices and it is working out great. The panels are virtually maintenance free. They look as good today as they did the day we installed them. Installation was quick and simple too by the way. I looked into other panel systems before making the purchase and found your system to be not only the most economical but also the best in configuration options and maintenance. Best regards,

Rita Lovshe, President Lab Storage Systems Inc. Wright City, MO

We were in desparate need of privacy panels after rearranging some office space, but everything seemed over our budget. Then we found LC Enterprises on the internet. They were very helpful in getting us just the right color and panel configurations, even though our order was small. And the panels were delivered in just a few days! Now our people have the privacy they need! Thanks again for your services!

Teresa Kerr, HR, Textron, Inc. Providence, R.I.,

The LC panels were just what we were looking for to use as our exhibit display at a recent tradeshow. The LC panels were attractive, economical, easy to install. The service received by Louis and his associates was fast and professional, including the last minute items needed to complete the display. We received many compliments from our customers and other exhibitors during the tradeshow and would recommend these panels to anyone.

Gemma J. Rocchette, Executive Assistant Systems Technology Inc. San Bernardino, CA

"Just called to say that the panels worked great. Assembly was fast, and they look fine"

Gary, McCleary Franz Company, Inc. Timonium, MD.

"We liked the panels so well that we want to order some additional ones. I need a quote for the following..........."

Carl Golightly, Energy Northwest, Simulator Engineering. Richland, WA

EI Independent Cinema was looking for sturdy, attractive, lightweight, easily assembled and easily positioned panels to accommodate our growing business and ever-evolving office floor plan. LC Panels presented the best solution at a very affordable price. They even offered custom-sized panels that made it a literal snap to get the exact layout we desired. And LC's customer service staff were great to work with. Say goodbye to those heavy old panels. LC Panels are THE ONLY way to go.

Jeffrey Faoro, Director of Acquisitions, EI Independent Cinema, Butler, NJ

"The panels arrived yesterday afternoon. I must tell you that we are very pleased with them. They look great, are easy to assemble, and exceed my expectations. I intend to do the rest of the office the same way. Thanks a lot, you were very helpful"

Vincent F. Gallipoli, Gauranteed Home Mortgage, Middletown, NY.

First of all, I want to thank you for the great job you did in providing the panels for Lord of Life Church here in Phoenix (AZ). As you may recall, we stacked two rows of panels in order to create a dividing wall within our children's room, effectively creating two smaller - and more useable - rooms. My wife runs the children's ministry and she couldn't be more pleased with the result. I was a little nervous about the measurements, but we ended up with a perfect fit on both the height and width. We are impressed!

J. Tyler Braaksma, Lord of Life Church, and World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc. Gilbert, AZ

Just a quick email letting you know the panels arrived and are excellent. We installed them in 20 minutes (probably took longer to unbox than to setup).

Happy New Year,
Keith, DSM Resins U.S., Inc. Augusta, GA

Just wanted to let you know, we got the panels up and they look great. Thank you for such great customer service and patience! Have a great day.
Shana Westbury, Secretary

Area Center for Educational Enhancement
North East Florida Educational Consortium

Just wanted to say thanks for your fast delivery of your panels. They look real good! I will order more soon!

Dave Lister, Wallstreet Capital

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On behalf of cubicle dwellers everywhere, we think that cubicles could include certain features that make cubicle exsistence more palatable:

1) Black and red tigerskin velvet surface, to raise the excitment level of the cubicle.

2) Taller 108" cubicle walls to increase the privacy of your cubicle

3) Bigger, more powerful shredder so that we can shred a phone book, just for entertainment.

4) Battleship game built into one cubicle wall, so that you can play, "Sink your Battleship" with a co-worker.

5) Mini, golf tee and hole, so that you can stimulate the creative juices by swinging the golf club in the mornings

6) Cubicle periscope, so that you can monitor the activities of the entire office.

7) Clap on, clap off, foot massager at the base of your cubicle desk

8) Automatic voice that says "Thats a great idea" whenever you state a new idea or suggestion in your cubicle

9) Remote controlled stun device in your cubicle guest chair, in case a visitor overstays their welcome.

10) Full size La Z boy recliner on powered wheels, instead of that tiny office chair.

Funny cubicle thoughts:

Whether called office walls, office panels, office partitions, or just "panels", These interior separators will allow office workers to have a little more privacy, which theoretically will allow these workers to focus better on their respective tasks. What we offer at LC Enteprises is a very cost effective way to accomplish this goal. We have the lowest price of any manufacturer of this kind of product. However, getting this information to the consumers is a challenge.

Google is currently 80% of the search engine market, and we seldom appear at the top of the website rankings. Many larger panel websites rank higher than our website. There prices are much higher, and so, we wonder if they are getting any orders. However, their popularity on the search engines is undeniable. This seems to be due to the number of pages and links contained in the website. If a person types "Office partitions, panels", into the google search engine, we come up on page 1. However, if the person types: "Office partitions, panels, cubicles" into the google search engine, we appear back on page 5.

Some folks type "office walls, office cubicles", or just plain "cubicles", and we're not sure where we end up. We're so far back, that it's too hard to look for our website.

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Companion websites: LC Cubicles website and LC Panels website
We have all of our new cube panels up, and they look FANTASTIC. Thanks so much! It’s hard to capture with a photo but a few are attached to give you an idea of how great they look in the new space. Feel free to post on your Website if you like. Or if there’s something in particular you’d like us to photograph instead, just let me know.

It only took two us us about a half-day to install everything. The first few were “learning experiences”, but after that, it went really fast.

Dena Brennen, FRD Innovations, Inc., Lenexa, KS

LC Custom Office Panel Systems