These pictures show how LC Panels connect together. LC Connectors simply snap into place, and hold firmly. No tools needed. All connectors are made using heavy duty 1 1/4" x 1/8" steel flatbar for strength and a special plastic extrusion that will not scratch the panels

If you don't see what you need, we'll make it for you. Just describe it to us!

Everything has been done to keep the overall cost of a LC Panel system down, while providing long lasting hardware.

With the variety of connectors avaliable, the panel configurations are endless. No other panel system is as versatile or inexpensive as a LC Panel system.

For help with connector selection, just fax a rough sketch of your intended layout to us, and we will fax back our recommendation.

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animated gif showing how the LC panel connectors snap into place
Straight connector
T connector
LC Leg
Note: Any angle or connector design can be made. Cubicles don't have to be square
wall connector narrow type
wall connector wide type
Straight leg connector
typical long partition system showing straight connector placement at center
high low connector
office partitions showing a high low configuration
five way stacker star connector
office partition showing a stacked 5 way confirguration
powerpole star connector
Angle Connector-attaches two panels at an angle (90°) Since either panel can slide to overlap the other panel, "true corners" are easy to form when using the LC Angle connectors. $12.95 each
Straight Connector-attaches two panels in a straight line (180°) $11.95 each
T-Connector-attaches the end of one panel to the face of another panel, (anywhere along the face). These come is "upper" and "lower" models $12.95 each
LC Leg-can be snapped into place for a "stand alone" panel, one on each side. $12.95 each
Wall Connector-Narrow type. Allows the attachment of our panel to a wall or other hard surface. $11.95 each
Wall Connector-Wide type. These offer good lateral stability and are easy to install. This type of connector can also be used as a floor connector. $11.95 each
Straight Leg-This special connector connects two panels (at the bottom) in a straight line, and, at the same time, stabilizes like our "Leg". This is normally used between panels that comprise a long straight line of panels (4 or more). A regular "straight" is used at the top. In the 4-panel illustration (above right) we have a "Leg" on each end and a "Straight Leg" in the middle $15.95
Star Connector- This connector makes a 4 panel intersection for panels as shown above. One connector is used below, and another on top. $15.95.
Stacker Star Connector- This connector makes a 4 panel intersection for "stacked" panels. Normally for trade show use, where 10'-12' + heights are desired. The illustration (above right) shows blue E-panels and smaller red panels, stacked with Stacker Star connectors and straight connectors. $18
High-Low 3-Way Connector- allows a shorter panel to be connected to two taller panels at a 90° angle as shown in the illustration (above right). A "T-Connector (lower)" is used at the bottom. $19.95
5 Way Star Connector- allows the intersection of 4 stacked panels and 5th panel at 90° as shown in above illustration. $23.95
Power Pole Star Connector-makes a 4 panel intersection. One snaps into the top, another at the bottom. $17.95
adjustable legs for office panel
LC Ajustable legs, will allow you to elevate a panel from ground level up to around 2-3 feet. Usefeul if you are displaying art or other items. These legs are made from commercial grade 1"x2"x.063" rectagular steel tubing, very strong. They simply snap into the sides of the panel. $69 pair. We have several different styles and types, depending upon your specific needs.

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On behalf of cubicle dwellers everywhere, we think that cubicles could include certain features that make cubicle exsistence more palatable:

1) Video camera/monitor that watches the boss, so you can see his whereabouts and mood.

2) Lockable one-way reflective glass door, so you can see who wishes enter into your cubicle.

3) Special cubicle hammock, that swings out for use in the afternoons.

4) TV monitor mounted in the ceiling, complete with satellite reception and a remote.

5) Cubicle sound machine, that generates typical office sounds, coming from your cubicle.

6) Direct cubicle intercom that enables vocal contact to your best friend, in the other cubicle.

7) Private secretary that actually performs all of the work that the cubicle dweller is supposed to do.

8) Special cubicle disco ball and music that turns on, whenever you think of something great.

9) Special cubicle clock that starts your shift 30 minutes late, and ends 30 minutes early (maybe 45).

10) Coffee/cappucino machine built into cubicle wall

Funny cubicle thoughts:
Compare LC Panels, our prices, our custom work, and our speed with any competitors:

Whether called office walls, office panels, office partitions, or just "panels", These interior separators will allow office workers to have a little more privacy, which theoretically will allow these workers to focus better on their respective tasks. What we offer at LC Enteprises is a very cost effective way to accomplish this goal. We have the lowest price of any manufacturer of this kind of product. However, getting this information to the consumers is a challenge.

Google is currently 80% of the search engine market, and we seldom appear at the top of the website rankings. Many larger panel websites rank higher than our website. There prices are much higher, and so, we wonder if they are getting any orders. However, their popularity on the search engines is undeniable. This seems to be due to the number of pages and links contained in the website. If a person types "Office partitions, panels", into the google search engine, we come up on page 1. However, if the person types: "Office partitions, panels, cubicles" into the google search engine, we appear back on page 5.

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